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Buying vs. Leasing

A Happy Ending Either Way

Once you find the perfect vehicle, you’ll have to decide which type of auto financing you’ll be going with. Will you pay out a lump sum all at once, or would you rather pay in small increments over time? Both options come with their own pros and cons, but you have all the time in the world to think this over. Whether you’re looking to buy, lease or finance your vehicle, you can rely on a Drive217 consultant to find a finance center near you.

Drive217’s 4 certified Illinois car dealerships are here to help you find the best options with confidence, for your lifestyle and budget alike. Shop Drive217 to find a participating dealer near you today.

A Greater Sense Of Ownership

There are a couple of things to consider when trying to decide which payment option fits your needs best. Purchasing a vehicle outright gives you a personal stake in your new machine, and also gives you the ability to personalize it as you see fit. Mileage limits, or really limits of any kind excluding the law, are also not a concern for those who buy their vehicle. Once the final documentation is signed and the keys are passed on, whatever you do with your new car is up to you and you alone. Owning your vehicle also allows you to start building equity on your purchase immediately, which is an important financial boon many drivers plan on.

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More Money In Your Pocket

The popularity of leasing has risen dramatically in recent years, and the number of automotive options has similarly swelled. Whereas before it was mainly high-end luxury vehicles available, the modern market spans a sweeping selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs of all types for lease. Mileage limits of varying amounts exist on all leases, but these limits also bring a beneficial aspect to the table. By receiving a monthly payment that is fine-tuned to the distance you’re driving, you’re essentially paying for mileage in the car’s prime; i.e. while it’s still new and under warranty. Because you’re not paying for the eventual ownership of your vehicle, leases also provide drivers with lower payments than they would receive from purchasing. Car leases also remove the anxiety surrounding your vehicle’s depreciation entirely, as the vehicle’s future worth doesn’t affect you either way.


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