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Benefits of Buying Used

Saves You Money

New cars are more advanced and feature-rich than ever. As a consequence, new cars are now more expensive. Still, you don’t have to buy a new car to get the most out of what new cars offer. Instead, you can shop for a used or certified pre-owned vehicle that still has the latest tech features and driver assistance technologies you want.

Every used car for sale available through Drive217 will save you thousands of dollars versus buying a new car. And with our unbeatable low prices. Our competitive pricing also means you’ll save more money when you buy a used or certified vehicle from Drive217 compared to other used car dealers.

Less Depreciation

Most new vehicles lose 20% of their market value after just one year. And after five years, new cars may have depreciated even more, with many losing around 60% of their original MSRP.

The average cost of a new car is now over $36,000. If you purchase a used car just one year past the model year, you could save $7,200 or more. And if you decide to purchase a car that’s 3 or 4 years old, you might spend half the amount that you would spend on that same car new off the lot. Waiting to purchase means you’ll likely find top-level trims for in-demand models at half the price.


Every used car available through Drive217 must pass our rigorous and extensive multi-point inspection and certification process. By implementing a strict 127-point inspection of our used cars, we ensure that the only vehicles you buy from Drive217 are top-quality used vehicles that will last you for years to come. Additionally, our pre-owned vehicles are certified directly by the manufacturer. Unlike with many other used car dealers, you’ll have full access to the vehicle history to ensure you’re comfortable with your used vehicle purchase.

Additional Considerations


The biggest limitation of buying a used car is the lack of customization. When you buy a new car, you can purchase add-on packages and features. This is not immediately possible with a new car purchase, so you may need to shop around to find a used car that has close to all of the features you would add if you bought the vehicle new.

You may want to prioritize mileage and vehicle history over features, colors, and trim levels. That could mean compromising on a few areas. But remember: You’re also saving thousands of dollars on the purchase compared to a new car.

Safety Features

Safety technology is changing rapidly. As a result, your used or certified pre-owned vehicle may not have the latest safety features available on the market. Depending on the age and trim level of the vehicle, you may have a car that has safety technology that’s one or more generations older than the newest vehicles. That said, our inspection process ensures that every vehicle you drive is safe to take on the road for you and your family.

Fuel Economy

Similar to safety features, new cars are more likely to have better fuel efficiency. Your used vehicle’s fuel efficiency may be slightly less than the newest available model year for that vehicle. Consequently, the heavily discounted price you get on a used vehicle may ultimately make up for the slightly lower fuel efficiency.

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