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Even cars need a day to recharge and relax! Get your vehicle back to looking factory-new with our range of repair and cleaning options at the WMI Auto Spa. We have multiple packages and specific repair options so no matter how long it’s been since your ride’s last good clean, we have an option that can fit your budget. Explore all our services below and start planning your trip to the Auto Spa!



1.) Passenger Vehicle $225

2.) Small SUV $250

3.) Mini Van, Large SUV, Large Vans, Large Trucks $275


Premium detail includes full detail with paint correction. Dent repair, wheel repair and Dura tire dressing will be done to the vehicle as well.

  • 1.) Passenger Vehicles $550
  • 2.) Small SUVs And Small Trucks $650
  • 3.) Large SUVs And Trucks $750
  • 4.) Ceramic Coatings Additional $50 Per Wheel
  • 5.) Windshield Coating Added As Well
  • 6.) Full interior detail included


9h Ceramic Coating which includes full paint correction and a 5 year warranty with dent repair and wheel repair to the vehicle. Wheel ceramic coatings included in this package. Dura tire dressing will be added to the vehicle as well.

1.) Packages starting at $2,448 + Tax


To detail a boat, it will run between $22-25 per foot. We do offer ceramic coating that can be applied as well, which will run $50 per foot.


Motorcycle details include a full wash and clay bar to the paint. The painted surfaces will all receive a buff. All the chrome on the vehicle will be cleaned and shined.

1.) Detail $300

2.) Detail With Ceramic $500

description of operation


  • 1.) Wash, De-Tar, De-Bug And Clay The Vehicle
  • 2.) Machine Wax Applied To Vehicle
  • 3.) Wash Outside Windows
  • 4.) Door Jambs Wiped Out
  • 5.) Vacuum The Floor Board Of The Vehicle


  • 1.) Cleaning Of All Of The Plastic, Vinyl And Leather Seats
  • 2.) Blowing Out All The Cracks And Crevices Such As Between The Seats And Under The Seats
  • 3.) Vacuum All Of The Vehicle, The Seats And The Floor Board
  • 4.) Shampooing And Steaming The Inside Of The Vehicle Seats Included
  • 5.) Cleaning Of The Headliner Of The Vehicle
  • 6.) Cleaning Of The Inside Windows
  • 7.) Door Jamb Cleaning


  • 1.) Passenger Vehicles $125
  • 2.) Small SUVs, Mini Vans, Small Truck $150.00
  • 3.) Large SUVs, Large Vans, Large Trucks $175.00
    Dura tire dressing add $20 per car to be installed.

paint correction

Paint correction is a several stage buff that gives your car the ultimate shine and look. We wash, clay and de-tar every vehicle before this operation to give your vehicle the best results possible.

1.) Passenger Vehicles $350+

2.) Small SUVs, Mini Vans $450+

3.) Large SUVs, Vans, Trucks $550+

Prices subject to change based on severity of vehicle.


Dent repair can vary by size. It starts out at $75. If the dent is too big, the Detail Manager will inspect and give a price quote.

other repair types


Wheel repair per wheel $125


Starting at $50+


Headlights Restoration Is Per Headlight $50


1.) Charcoal Window Film $250+

2.) Ceramic Window Film $350+

system x ceramic protection


PAINT DECONTAMINATION: Removing embedded contaminations in the paint, such as airborne compounds, industrial fallout, rail dust, ferrous (iron-containing) particles, tar, etc. that has become embedded in the paint surface, which can cause unsmooth surfaces, leading to shortening the longevity of any wax or other sealant.

PAINT CORRECTION: Restoring and rejuvenating the paintwork of your vehicle, mostly through the elimination of surface imperfections that dull, oxidize or haze the surface by reflecting light in various directions, therefore detracting from a true, proper, clean, sharp reflection – also removing any surface scratches and swirls.

SEALANT: Synthetic product designed to protect a car’s surface, while providing a mirror-like shine. Sealants are often designed to provide a thin layer of protection that prohibits contaminations and UV rays that can harm the clear coat, while also giving it hydrophobic (water-repellant) properties.

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