The Cleanest Used Cars

The Cleanest Used Cars


Drive 217’s used cars are the cleanest vehicles you’ll find in the Illinois-Indiana area. We go beyond disinfecting our vehicles. Our cleaning crew will ensure you get a vehicle so clean, you’ll wonder if it’s really used.

After a thorough inspection, our cleaning crew follows strict guidelines to ensure that every square inch of the vehicle is spotless… free of mold, mildew and bacteria (no cooties anywhere). The other guys, for the most part, just spray it down with a rag and then call it clean.

But Drive 217 goes further. Don’t take our word for it. Visit your favorite Drive 217 and see for yourself. Cars so clean you can eat off of them (although we ask that you don’t).

Mom Would Be Proud

When we say every square inch, we mean every square inch. Here’s just a portion of the list the Drive 217 cleaning crew follows.

  • Brush, vacuum and shampoo the rugs.
  • The brigade will attack bacterias’ favorite hangouts: Between the cushions and under the seats.
  • Replace all cabin filters and sanitize the ventilation system.
  • Disinfect all handles, buttons, switches, controls… basically anywhere fingers come in contact.
  • We’ll even disinfect the keys.
  • We’ll wash and scrub the entire outside, the tires and under the hood.
  • We’ll vacuum, disinfect and wash the trunk (or cargo area).
  • And much more.

Put Us To The Test Today

We hate to brag, but Drive 217 vehicles are the cleanest you’ll find anywhere. When we promise you that our cars are cleaner than the competition’s, we hope you’d visit and put us to the test.

You’ll love what the cleaning crew did to your next car.