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Why Buy Pre-Owned

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

In the modern day, your automotive options are nearly limitless, with innumerable makes, models, conditions and more to keep track of. This large variety of options also applies to the financial aspects, giving drivers today more options than ever to acquire their dream car. Buying options range from used to Certified Pre-Owned to get you a fantastic vehicle and save you a pretty penny in the process. So why settle for only buying the newest, priciest cars at a premium cost?

Your preferences and choices are your own, but why waste your hard-earned money for essentially no reason? At the very least we urge you to explore the numerous options available to you and find the best fit for your needs and means. To that end, Drive217 is your online automotive resource. Shop Drive217 and jump-start your journey to automotive greatness.

Satisfaction For Your Senses, Relief For Your Wallet

One of the most daunting aspects of buying a new car is the immediate and massive drop in its worth. From the moment your new car leaves the dealership’s showroom it can depreciate up to 11% or more. Meaning that in the time it took to drive your new investment home, that $20,000 car becomes worth $17,800 or less. With used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, the bulk of that depreciation has already occurred. This depreciation is reflected in the price and translates directly into savings for you.

Some vehicles, such as muscle cars or limited editions, can gain value once time passes and they enter the ‘used’ market. Used and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles also strip away the unnecessary and often exorbitant fees many dealerships love to slap on top of the vehicle’s MSRP. Other benefits include less expensive customization costs, lower insurance premiums, lower annual registration fees and more.

Preowned Vehicles in Champaign, Savoy, Urbana and Tilton, IL.

Certifiably Excellent

If the prospect of buying a used car seems too risky for you, then Certified Pre-Owned vehicles represent the best of both worlds; providing nearly new automotive experiences alongside sumptuous savings. The distinction between the 2 may not seem too drastic at first glance, but the difference is quite substantial. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are often lightly used and are always thoroughly inspected. Its time spent in-use and subsequent inspection also weeds-out any lemons and makes certain the vehicle is in tip-top shape.

Not only do Certified Pre-Owned vehicles ensure you’re receiving a high-quality automobile for a fraction of the cost you would pay for the same model ‘new’, but they also usually come with a plethora of perks such as an extended warranty, special financing and more.

Automotive Shopping Made Easy

Everyone who’s been through it knows that the average car-buying experience is long and tedious, but worth it in the end. Well, what if you could not only remove the negatives but also reach the finish line faster? With Drive217, now you can.

Drive217 is the premier online shopping source for drivers in Champaign, Savoy, Tilton and Urbana, IL. With participating dealerships including Subaru of Champaign County, Vermilion Chevrolet GMC, Illini Nissan, and more, regional drivers are ensured to receive a high-quality vehicle from an esteemed vendor in no time. With a sweeping selection ranging from new to used to Certified Pre-Owned, our offerings are cleanly organized and easily explored. Don’t settle for the usual car-buying process, rise above it with Drive217.

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