Why Shop Drive217

Why Shop


What Exactly Is Drive217?

For drivers in and around Champaign, IL, Drive217 is an innovative online shopping tool that will help you easily find the ideal pre-owned vehicle. Rather than spend time bouncing all over town hoping to find something you like, Drive217 is strategically designed to make the automotive-buying process more streamlined, therefore making it simpler to find the car you love.

From sales and affordable financing to parts and service, Drive217 is your number one automotive resource.

Drive217 Offers Only the Cleanest Used Cars

If you’ve ever bought a used car, you know all too well the importance of cleanliness. At Drive217, our cleaning crews go above and beyond to get your vehicle in immaculate condition. From interior/exterior inspections to carpet shampoos, cleaning, and vacuuming, our crews make sure every car is free from any possible bacteria, mold, or mildew.

Count on the crews at every Drive217-certified location to go the distance to provide you a car so clean, you may well believe it to be new.

Drive217 Drive Certified

Choose from one of the three levels of certification.

Drive3Certified means that it has been thoroughly inspected by the manufacturer, as well as our expert technicians.

Drive2Certified vehicles receive a meticulous inspection by our technicians, including a 127-point check of all parts and systems. At this level, you will also receive a Vehicle History Report and 3-Day or 250-Mile Money Back Guarantee.

Drive1Certified cars are also thoroughly inspected by our highly-skilled technicians and, like our cars from all certifications, are reconditioned and refurbished into remarkable condition.

The bottom line is this: if every car associated with Drive217 does not meet our high standards, it simply won’t be put up for sale.

Drive217 Certified Service Centers

As if Drive217 hasn’t made car ownership easy enough, you can also find a better, more dependable way to have your vehicle serviced.

Three participating dealerships near Champaign, Tilton, Urbana, and Savoy, IL, feature Drive217 Certified Service Centers:

  • Champaign Ford City
  • Vermilion Chevrolet GMC
  • Illini Nissan

All fully factory-authorized, Drive217 Service Centers adhere to higher standards. But it’s not just the quality routine maintenance and exceptional repair work for which our Drive217-certified dealerships are regarded. With service second to none, we will even pick up your car and return it to you. That goes for everything from service work to washing and detailing.

From buying cars to having them serviced or cleaned, remember, shop Drive217.